5 Things to do when you think you have a valuable book

1. Calm down.
2. Ascertain simple facts, like dates, about the author and the title. (One thing Wikipedia is good for.) For instance, before saying your 1912 Christmas Carol is signed by Charles Dickens, find out that he died in 1870.
3. For a reality check, look at the lowest prices, not the highest prices, on the internet, and check “completed listings” on Ebay.
4. Try to sell yours on Ebay. If you can get half or more of “retail,” congratulations. If not, you’ll understand better why a dealer can offer you less than you might expect.
5. Realize that the importance of an experienced bookseller’s opinion of the book’s condition can not be overstated. If the book is valuable, every detail matters, including especially dust jackets.

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